Who Cloned my Cat? Fun Adventures in Biotechnology, by Reinhard Renneberg Inspire article

Who Cloned my Cat? Fun Adventures in Biotechnology is a collection of two-page articles that briefly describe discoveries from the field of biotechnology.

Each product or technique is accompanied by a short, interesting and sometimes humorous story, as well as cartoon illustrations – together, these ensure that the reader’s level of interest remains high. The book covers a vast selection of topics from scientific disciplines that are supported by biotechnology, including molecular genetics, microbiology, biochemistry and environmental biology.

Who Cloned my Cat? provides basic biotechnology information – some of which will be common knowledge among scientists (particularly biologists) – with a twist. Content that goes beyond these basics will be new to most readers and may provide a few surprises. Some articles require a good knowledge of biology to be understood whereas others are simple enough for anyone to benefit from them.

Author Reinhard Renneberg goes beyond the simple presentation of facts. He describes the advantages and disadvantages of biotechnology and discusses current hot topics surrounding biotechnology products – such as those relating to the availability of personal genetic information.

Who Cloned my Cat? would be suitable for biology and, to a lesser degree, chemistry teachers and for the advanced-level (16- to 18-year-old) secondary-school students of both subjects. The book would be useful for teaching topics on the syllabus or for supplementing a lesson to make it more interesting. The accompanying stories will also help students understand the history behind discoveries that have changed the way we live.

Even for those without an academic background, Who Cloned my Cat? would make a good read, particularly as it includes useful tips on how to improve everyday life. Most importantly, whoever reads this book will acquire the knowledge they need to clone his or her cat – that is, with the help of a biotechnology company and a generous bank!


Publisher: Pan Stanford Publishing
Publication year: 2010
ISBN: 9789814267656

The book is also available in German:

Title: Katzenklon, Katzenklon: Und Andere Biotechnologie-Geschichten
Publisher: Spektrum Akademischer Verlag
Publication year: 2007
ISBN: 9783827419415




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