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Discover free events and activities offered by the EIROforum members and other non-profit groups.

Upcoming Events

Future League 

Act now for a sustainable future Calling European STEM teachers: join the Science on Stage Future League and enter a classroom project involving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Develop a project with your students, create an English poster and short film, and submit it online.

Registration deadline: 15 Jun 2023

ESA Teach with Space Online Conference 2023

Register now for the free ESA Teach with Space Online Conference, taking place on the 11 and 12 July 2023. Discover inspiring ways to use space as a context to teach STEM in your classroom; learn with space experts; enjoy virtual visits to ESA and more!

Registration deadline: 10 Jul 2023

Hack an Exoplanet

In early 2023, ESA’s Cheops (CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite) will observe two exoplanet targets, KELT-3b and TOI-560c. By joining ESA’s Hack an Exoplanet events, teams of secondary students will get the opportunity to analyse real satellite data collected by Cheops and hack these mysterious alien worlds. This activity is targeted at teams of students aged 14 to 19 years old. ​ Online and physical hackathons will be organised in April and May 2023. If you are a teacher, you can even host your own hackathon at your school! The hackathon activities developed with the support of ESA experts will be made freely available on the platform in multiple languages in early April. After teams participate in a hackathon, they can submit their project until June 2023 and apply for the Best Project prize. For more information visit hackanexoplanet.esa.int.

Ages: 14-19