Safety note

For all of the activities published in Science in School, we have tried to check that all recognised hazards have been identified and that suitable precautions are suggested. Readers should be aware, however, that errors and omissions can be made, and safety standards vary across Europe and even within individual countries.

Therefore, before undertaking any activity, readers should always carry out their own risk assessment. In particular, any local rules issued by employers or education authorities MUST be obeyed, whatever is suggested in the Science in School articles.

Unless the context dictates otherwise, it is assumed that:

  • Practical work is carried out in a properly equipped and maintained science laboratory
  • Any electrical equipment is properly maintained
  • Care is taken with normal laboratory operations such as heating
  • Good laboratory practice is observed when chemicals or living organisms are used
  • Eye protection is worn whenever there is any recognised risk to the eyes
  • Pupils and/or students are taught safe techniques for activities such as handling living organisms, hazardous materials and equipment.